One central hub. Complete remote eye care.

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Now more than ever, you need to grow your practice beyond your physical location and deliver quality eye exams from virtually anywhere. Topcon RDx® is an innovative ocular telehealth platform that allows you to connect to your office remotely and conduct comprehensive eye exams, without sacrificing the quality care you provide.

Securely transmit patient demographics from Eyefinity Practice Management or AcuityLogic™ to the RDx telehealth platform, empowering you to quickly search and retrieve patient records without any additional data entry.

One central hub with Topcon RDx + Eyefinity 

Remote Access to Quality Care

Topcon’s CV-5000S automated phoropter integrates with RDx remotely, allowing you to perform refractions from anywhere.

Patient Convenience

Deliver quality eye exams for your patients at a time and place that is convenient and safe for them.

Automation and Practice Efficiency

Utilize the benefits of integrated remote video conferences between you, your staff and patients while connecting and controlling the devices within your practice; in real-time.

Are you ready to expand your care with the latest innovation in ocular telehealth?

Now is the time to connect and remotely operate your devices.